How to Play

Do I need an Internet connection to play Quarks! Stargaze Island?

Yes, you will need an internet connection for your weather to link to the world of Quarks! Stargaze Island.

What is overall goal of the Game?

Quarks! Stargaze Island is a world-building, character collection and nurturing game that uses real world weather as a resource in the game. The goal of the game is to attract and nurture the cute characters called Quarks, build them a thriving town, and restore their lost world.

Who are the Quarks and what do they do?

Quarks are the family of cute characters that inhabit Stargaze Island. There is the Shaman, who is the keeper of the Quarks, builder of the buildings, and dancer of the dances! In the early game, you will meet five other Quarks associated with five different weather types and five different jobs.
  • Up – is the cloud Quark, Up is also responsible for converting gems into stardust, the primary currency for building.
  • Down – is the rain Quark, Down is responsible for growing mushrooms that feed the Quarks.
  • Strange – is the moon Quark, Strange is responsible for summoning meteors.
  • Charm – is the sun Quark and Charm responsible for opening portals to weather from players around the world.
  • Muon– is the wind Quark and Muon is responsible for using wind powers to clear the overgrowth.
Quarks need to be fed, rested and kept happy to be productive in the game.

How do I keep Quarks happy?

Quarks get lonely when you leave the game and this makes them unhappy. Unhappy Quarks will not work however keeping them happy is easy. Drag a Quark onto another Quark or the Shaman and they will dance together. If you have a leisure building for the Quark, drag them on it and they will quickly change their mood!

What are Flowers and Trees?

Flowers and Trees are the grown from seeds you receive in Meteors.

In the early stage of the game, there are five flower types, each associated with the five weather conditions: Sun, Moon, Rain, Cloud and Wind. Flowers grow weather gems when their respective weather conditions are happening.

Trees represent other players from around the world. Trees serve as portals connecting you to other player’s weather. If you want to grow rain gems, and you don’t have any local rain, see if you have a tree with rain and override your weather!

What are Weather Gems?

Weather gems are currency used by quarks to do jobs at their workplaces. Weather gems are collected from flowers and can be found by Quarks when searching in the overgrowth.

What is Stardust?

Stardust is primarily used to build and upgrade buildings. Weather gems are milled into Stardust by the Up Quark at the Stardust Mill.

What are Qbits?

Qbits are the premium currency in Quarks! Stargaze Island that you can spend to speed up things like buildings and Quark jobs. You can also summon special meteors with them. Qbits can be purchased from the shop and can also be found when Quarks search the overgrowth.

How do I obtain Weather Gems not native to my location?

We are aware that not every region can collect all weather types supported in Quarks! Stargaze Island. Players can still receive weather gems not native to their region through trees using Portal Lenses! Trees are connected to other players around the world. Simply drag a Portal Lens spell onto a tree and your weather will become the weather of the other player!

What are Meteors and how do I get them?

Meteors deliver resources to the game such as flowers, trees, buildings and other rare items. You never know exactly what you will get when a meteor lands! You can summon meteors in several ways…
1 – Tap on the crater to get free ones every two hours and even more for watching ads!
2 – Send Strange quarks to their Meteor Towers – they can summon a variety of meteors!
3 – Send any quark out to search the overgrowth – it’s amazing how many meteors are hiding out there!

What does the Knowledge Tree do?

You’ll notice there’s a fair amount of purple overgrowth covering the land and you can’t build on it. Create Tornado Spells with Wind Gems and the Muon Quark at the Tornado Generator. Tornado Spells can then be dragged to the overgrowth to clear it.

What do the Weather Beacons do?

There is a Weather Beacon for each weather/Quark type. Weather Beacons enable Quarks of their type to search the overgrowth. Having the beacon ensures they don’t get lost and they return to it with the goodies they find. Weather beacons also hold the lost memories found in when searching.

How do I expand my world?

You’ll notice there’s a fair amount of purple overgrowth covering the land and you can’t build on it. Create tornado spells with wind gems and the Muon quark at the Tornado Generator. Tornado spells can then be dragged to the overgrowth to clear it.

What do the Decorations do?

Decorations make things pretty! Collect and decorate your world in your own unique way!

Why does my Quark need to rest?

Resting your Quarks is one way to increase their energy. You don’t want your Quarks to overwork themselves!

Why do I need to collect the lost memories?

Each Quark has a story to tell. Collect the lost memories all to uncover the mystery of Stargaze Island!

Is there a limit to how many Quarks and workplaces I can have?

Yes, the number of Quarks and workplaces are limited by your Town Level and the level of your Weather Beacons.

How do I level up in the game?

Your Town Level is the key indicator of progress in the game. You increase it by building and upgrading worldly items. You will find Weather Beacons, Shelters and Workplaces in the store, accessible via the button in the bottom left corner of the menu. Totems, Leisure Buildings and Decorations come from Meteors. Tap your Town Level in the top left of the screen for more information.

Billing and Payment

I didn’t get my order.

If you did not receive your order please contact our support team at


The Game is not loading

If your game is not loading please exit the game and clear your app history. Once you have cleared your history relaunch the Quarks! Stargaze Island application. If your game is still not loading please contact our support team and let them know what device you are using and the operating system. Please send us an email at

My game was wiped when I updated from Qurius

The recent upgrade to Quarks! Stargaze Island is a much more advanced and improved game. Unfortunately, this means that some of the old gameplay and items do not fit in this new world. We recognize how frustrating that is for players and want to do what we can to make it right. Please contact us at to learn about our Founder’s Club and the benefits that may be available to you.

What happened to my flower after I collected the weather gems?

Flowers are consumed when gems are collected from them. You can acquire more flowers through meteors or by purchasing them directly in the store.

How do I save my game?

Your game and your progress are saved automatically as you play. You must, however, complete the tutorial in order for your progress to be saved.

How do I get Qbits?

Qbits are premium currency available to purchase in-game. Sometimes a player can be lucky and a questing Quark may stumble upon a Qbit while searching the overgrowth.

Can I turn the sound or music off?

Yes, you can reduce or mute the music by selecting the gear option in the bottom of the action button menu.

Can I switch between Android and iOS devices?

Not at this time.

Can I switch between devices - tablet to phone?

Not at this time.

How do I contact support?

If you’re looking to contact our customer support, you can click the “Support” link below, or if you are in-game you can click the “Support” button that will prompt an email to our support team!