Take a journey to Stargaze Island and discover its magical connection to your own world. Enter a mysteriously beautiful landscape filled with distant ruins, falling meteors and adorable creatures with secret powers. Help them rebuild the enchanting lost civilization of Stargaze Island.

This is an “Up” Quark.
They are the thinkers and
daydreamers of Stargaze Island.
They also know the secret to
creating stardust!

This is a “Down” Quark.
They are nurturers at heart,
which makes them naturally
suited for growing mushrooms
for other Quarks to eat.

This is a “Charm” Quark.
They are connective by nature.
They would have to be to stay
together the way they do. Charms
posses the magic to open portals
to other worlds.

This is a “Strange” Quark.
The fuller the moon the happier
the Strange Quarks are. Their
special dance summons meteors
full of worldly treasure.